Math Video Learning Materials - All Ages

On the Living Math Forum elist, members compiled a list of recommended video resources recently. Comments are being added as they become available as to age range and applicability. If you are concerned, always preview content first, as different families can have very different opinions on appropriateness.


"Mathtacular" has been recommended by members on numerous occasions.

The old Disney classic Donald in Mathmagic Land is packed with math and accessible to a wide age range.

Life by the Numb3rs - very good series narrated by Danny Glover, I can't believe I didn't know about the movies when we've had the book for so many years

Cyberchase - we just caught these on PBS, they were a huge fav for several years and the kids learned a lot of math!

Math Monsters for the younger kids, we borrowed these from the library

Classic Schoolhouse Rock of course:

Googol Power: Multiplication Vacation - nice movie format for kids up to about 3rd grade

Flatland: The Movie - quite well done version of the classic story, accessible to kids

Nova: Chaos theory and fractals - Hidden Dimensions - highly recommended by one member:

Project Mathematics has been recommended to me, but I just haven't been able to get them. They are expensive. If anyone knows how to get these at less than exorbitant prices, that would be great. One member mentioned she accessed these through United Streaming. 

The Great Courses (Previously The Teaching Company) has math videos starting with Basic Math through Algebra II. These are presented for high school level, but the Basic Math series is a review of all elementary math through pre-algebra concepts, and is accessible to upper elementary kids. Many libraries carry these, possibly Netflix and Blockbuster online as well.

The Story of One - a really good video on the history of numbers, watched several times here, borrowed from Netflix. Narrated by Terry Jones. Also available for viewing on YouTube if you search.

Googol Power: Multiplication Vacation - nice movie format for kids up
to about 3rd grade, math history blended in:

Nova has many videos we've watches over the years. These are less
mathematical, but we've blended them in with our math history studies.

The ones on Archimedes, Newton and Galileo come to mind.

Also, The Elegant Universe was very good. Lost at Sea, the Search for
Longitude was very good.

And then we've relied on Teaching Co series. The Joy of Thinking and My Favorite Universe have been among the more kid-friendly series. There are a number of suggestions and reviews here.