Money, Concepts of value, economics

► A family favorite of ours. Y = for the youngest kids

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26 Letters and 99 Cents by Tana Hoban, nice pictures, combinations of coins add up to 99 cents. Toban's books are good for very young children.

A Day's Work by Eve Bunting, value of work

A Dollar For Penny (Step-Into-Reading, Step 2)

A Kid's Guide to Managing Money Wilt, Joy 1979 Money Highly illustrated, some history practical

Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday Viorst, Judith 1978 Money management

Arthur's Funny Money Lillian Hoban - I Can Read book, L. 2

Better Than a Lemonade Stand: Small Business Ideas for Kids (Kid's Books

Bunny Money, Y Rosemary Wells, very cute, my youngest had a bit of trouble keeping count w/$15

Cartoon Guide to Economics

City Math: Look Both Ways Time Life I Love Math Series 1992 Math in Life

Ginger & Pickles, Classic Tale by Beatrix Potter, ideas of credit and borrowing, running a business

Hello Math Readers:

How Much Is That Guinea Pig in the Window? (Level 4) by Joanne Rocklin

The Lunch Line (Level 3) by Karen Berman Nagel

Monster Money Maccarone, Grace

A Quarter From the Tooth Fairy (Level 3) by Caren Holtzman

Lemon & Ice & Everything Nice by Catherine Weiskopf Level 4:

The Case of the Shrunken Allowance by Joanne Rocklin


Monster Math School Time by Grace Maccarone (L. 1)

How High Can a Dinosaur Count? And Other Math Mysteries by Valerie Fisher

How To Get Fabulously Rich, Rockwell, Thomas Money mgmt "How to Eat Fried Worms" author

I Love Math Series - Out of print, but still available . . lots of math concepts

If You Made A Million F Schwartz, David

Inflation: When Prices Go Up, Up, Up (Money Power Books Series) by David Adler

Irene and the Big Fine Nickel by Irene Smalls - Story about relative value of money in the 50's

Make Four Million Dollars by Next Thursday by Stephen Manes

Making Sense of Money Cobb, Vicki 1971 Money Practical, not storytelling style

Math for Smarty Pants by Marilyn Burns – this one is for approximately 4rd grade on up. TONS of different math ideas in this.

Math Man by Teri Daniels, grocery store math story

Math Wizardry for Kids by Margaret Kenda and Phyllis S. Williams

MathStart by Stuart Murphy – Get Up and Go! (Timelines L. 2); Rodeo Time (Reading a Schedule, L. 3); Pepper's Journal A Kitten's First Year, (Calendaring L. 2); Game Time! (Time L.3) MathStart Readers by Stuart Murphy: The Penny Pot F Y Coin combinations, L. 3

Money Troubles Bill Cosby (Little Bill series for beginning readers)

Mr. Monopoly's Amusement Park, A Math Adventure F Jackie Glassman, doesn't look like much, but my kids have learned a lot of math from this

Murderous Maths (don’t forget the ‘s’) Series by Kjartan Poskitt, Guaranteed to contain no nasty exercises and no boring sums! These are meaty books and adults that enjoy comics could enjoy them too. General math and math/science history.

No Small Change by John Luksetich; Patti Kern – fun story for younger children comparing pennies to other relative coin values

Once upon a Company: A True Story (Venture-Health & the Human Body) by

Once Upon a Dime: A Math Adventure

One Bright Penny Geraldine McCaughrean, fun story about value of work

Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun With"Pig Math" by Amy Axelrod Math and Money

Smart About Money

Story of Money by Betsy Maestro

The Art of Money by David Standish, History and Design of Paper Currency From Around the World, for those interested in a larger study of the topic

The Economy in Cartoons   MindSparks    1996   Math in economics. Teacher resource notes

The Go-Around Dollar, an excellent book for learning about the features of the dollar bill following a dollar from hand to hand

The History of Counting by Denise Schmandt-Besserat

The House that Math Built - House Math, I Love Math Series

The Joy of Mathematics F Pappas, Theoni 1989 Math in nature/science/art,music,history,literature - classic

The Money Tree F Stewart, Sarah/Small, David 1991 Concept of monetary value. Great story

The Monster Money Book Leedy, Loreen

The Search for the Mystery Planet Space Math, I Love Math Series, Math and astronomy topics

The Sociology of Money: Economics, Reason & Contemporary Society by Dodd, Nigel

The Story of 1 (PBS Home Video) One hour well presented video on the history of the number 1. Available at Blockbuster, Netflix and many libraries.

The Toothpaste Millionaire by Jean Merrill

Tight Times by Barbara Shook Hazen, dad loses a job, poignant story about a child's perception of the family's experience

Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? A Fast, Clear, and Fun Explanation of the Economics by Richard J. Maybury (an Uncle Eric book)

Zoo Math: Case of Missing Zebra Stripes, Time Life I Love Math Series 1992 Math in nature, my kids really like this

Zookeeper for a Day (Math Adventures)

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