math fiction for all ages

► A family favorite of ours.  Y = for the youngest kids

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The Dot and the Line, A Romance in Lower Mathematics z, Juster, Norton (VERY enjoyable and beautifully illustrated short story for young adults, author of Phantom Tollbooth)

Uncle Petros & Goldbach's Conjecture x

The Parrot's Theorem - accessible to HS xSee comments at LMF posting about this book

Flatland by Edward Abbott

Conned Again, Watson z Bruce, Colin2001   Sherlock Holmes style logic and math stories, up to date

The Planiverse z Dewdney, A.K.   1984Computer contact with a 2D world (modern version of Flatland)  computer sci/fi theme, for upper middle school on up sci fi theme

The Mathematical Magpie, Clifton Fadiman

Fantasia Mathematica zFadiman, Clifton, reprint of 1950's classic mathematical anthology

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded by Lewis Carroll

The Man Who Counted: A Collection of Mathematical Adventures, z Tahan, Malba, Chapter book, loosely based on the story of Khayyam, many algebraic ideas in the puzzles

The Mathematical Tourist,  Peterson, Ivan   1998   Math in nature, life

I am looking over the list at for additional ideas

Flatland, by A. Square Fiction, a classic about a 2 dimensional world, written by clergyman in late 1800's

A Beautiful Mind

Sand-Reckoner by Gillian Bradshaw – Fictionalized account of the life of Archimedes.

Lewis Carroll

A Certain Ambiguity: A Mathematical Novel

I am looking over the list at for additional ideas

Sylvie and Bruno Concluded by Lewis Carroll

The Chair of Philanthromathematics (1908) O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)

The Hunting of the Snark : An Agony in Eight Fits, Lewis Carroll

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