Living Math® History Lesson Plans

Living Math® History Lesson Plans are for use by families, individuals or co-ops / groups on a self-paced basis. A single Unit of lesson plans can last from a quarter of year, to an entire year, depending on how much time you allocate to the reading and activities in the course of your weeks. 

Lessons are based on a full cycle of history, split into four quarter units, with the focal point of each lesson on an individual(s) who created influential mathematical ideas.

History Cycle 1, Ancients and World Cultures through the Modern Age of Mathematics:

  • Units 1 - 4 are available for the Intermediate Level.
  • Primary and Advanced levels are completed for Units 1 - 3. Unit 4 Primary is being completed and will be available by the summer of 2018.

History Cycle 2, Classical Logic and Philosophy through Math in the Age of Technology and the Arts has been outlined and is in process. The release date is TBD. As a parent homeschooling four children through high school, writing additional unit lesson plans has taken a back seat. We graduate our youngest in 2018, so I do hope to have these lesson plans done next year if the demand is there.   

How To Order

Four Levels:  Each level of plans follows the same outline, but lists resources appropriate for four different developmental levels. As with any individualized course, grade/age guidelines are approximate.

    Primary – Designed for lower elementary grades, approximately ages 6 to 9.

    Intermediate – Designed for upper elementary grades, approximately ages 9 to 12.

    Advanced – This is a dual level, with resources for 13 and up, and a High School/Adult section in each lesson plan for more challenging reading and exploration.

All levels contain commentary for borderline situations, noting materials that are easier or more challenging in a given level. All have some resources suggested for parents to deepen their understanding of a topic, but the High School level will be most appropriate for a parent seriously interested in self-study. See sample plans for more information on how levels are differentiated. If you can download the samples, you will be able to download the plans. There is no limit on printing plans or activities within a family; email me for co-op or group arrangements.

See Lesson Plan Details for more information. 

A private email support list for families using the plans is available and recommended to stay informed of updates and additions.

Cost per Single Unit is $20 for a single level of a single unit, or $40 for a family wishing to use all four levels of one Unit.

A package price of single level $75 / family level $150 will be available if purchasing all four units of the cycle once (adiscount will be provided for those purchasing Unit 4 who have already purchased the first three units prior to Unit 4 release)

Co-ops or Group Use:  In a setting where a parent or teacher is using one set of plans and is only printing handouts for distribution to a class, the cost is one set of plans ($20 for one level, $40 for multiple levels) plus $5 per group participant up to a maximum of $25. Contact Julie if you have questions, or for pricing arrangements if the intent is to share the entire set of lesson plans among multiple families.

Payment Options: See How to Order