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Note: Parents have differing filters through which we view suitability of literature. I've grouped books based on my personal full or partial reading, YMMV (your mileage may vary).

Reader lists for concepts that may seem advanced, such as probability, often include books accessible to younger children. 

The older the age level recommended, the more possibility there could be content less acceptable to your personal values. Previewing literature before handing to your children for unsupervised reading is of course recommended if you have concerns. Some are better quality than others, but all have value in my opinion. Some have beautiful artwork that increase the visual value.

Math literature is not limited to computational content. Logic, problem solving and abstract content occurs throughout literature without appearing overtly math related, but this is invaluable for developing mathematical thinking. See also related articles.

Early and Elementary Concepts

Early Concepts: Counting, Matching, Sorting, Patterns, Relationships

I Love Math and Young Math - Multi-Concept Series

Addition, Subtraction, Building Equations, Groups / Tallies

Multiplication, Skip Counting, Squaring, Division

Fractions, Decimals and Percents; Proportions and Ratios

Comparing Relative Sizes / Attributes, Estimating

Place Value and Number Bases,Groups of Ten and Hundreds

Number Properties: Pairs, Dozens, Odd & Even, Natural Groups, Zero, Negative Numbers


Upper Elem / Middle and topical 

Geometry and Spatial Concepts

Measurement of Quantities and Distance, Mapping and Building Concepts

Large Numbers, Exponents, Infinity, Nested Values

Probability, Combinations, Factorials; Graphs and Data

Logic, Series, Problem Solving and Mathematical Relationships

Multi-Concept Books and Series

Language Meets Math: Poetry and Riddles, Stories and Fables with Math Ideas

topical - all ages and HS/Adult

Cultural Math, Foreign Language Counting, Math History

Math Fiction - All ages

Math in Science, Technology, Sports and Applied Math

Math in Art, Music, Nature

Time and Calendars

Biographies of Mathematicians and Scientists

Algebra, PreCalculus and Calculus

High School and Adult Math

Teaching Resources