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I Love Math and Young Math

Multi-Concept series readers for elementary

► A family favorite of ours. 

The "I Love Math" series by Time-Life covers virtually every elementary math concept. These books can be used to explore math concepts within the stated themes, and are possibly the most-read math readers in our home library among all our kids. They are out of print, but many can be found at used booksellers at reasonable prices.

Play Ball: Sports Math (I Love Math) - Sports theme math, many concepts explored in one book.

Pterodactyl Tunnel: Amusement Park Math (I Love Math) Math puzzles, activities and stories with a dinosaur theme.

The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes Zoo Math (I Love Math) Math thru a trip to the zoo

The Mystery of the Sunken Treasure: Sea Math (I Love Math) Math activities with a sea theme

Alice in Numberland: Fantasy Math (I Love Math) Original stories, poems, riddles, games, and hands-on activities reflecting Alice's adventures in Numberland, where she finds mathematical challenges throughout the magical landscape

From Head to Toe, Body Math (I Love Math) multi-math concepts explored with anatomy

Look Both Ways: City Math (I Love Math) Math in Life – multi-concept stories and activities

How Do Octopi Eat Pizza Pie? Pizza Math (I Love Math) Time Life, many math concepts including a nice introduction to early fractions and functions, my kids love this one

Right in Your Own Backyard: Nature Math (I Love Math) Math in nature theme

The Search for the Mystery Planet: Space Math (I Love Math) Math and astronomy topics

The Case of the Missing Zebra Stripes Zoo Math (I Love Math) More math in nature, my kids really like this one

The House That Math Built: House Math (I Love Math)

See You Later, Escalator! Mall Math (I Love Math) Stories, poems, riddles, games, and hands-on activities introduce early math skills, focusing on the mathematics one might encounter on a trip to the shopping mall.


Young Math Series - Out of print, hard to find, nice when you do . . .

3D, 2D, 1D (Young math books) Adler, David Geometry, measurement, volume/area. Very readable.

Base Five, (Young math books) Adler, David/Ross, Larry   1975   Number base systems

Estimation (A Young Math Book) Linn, Charles/Madden, Don1970 Activities, simple intro

Circles and Curves, Razzell, Arthur/Watts, KGO/Raskin, Ellen   Geometry

Counting Systems: The Familiar and the Unusual (A Math concept book) Luce, Marnie1969   History & description of number systems

The Ellipse (A Young math book) Charosh, Mannis/Kessler, Leonard1971 Geometry. Lots of activities

How Did Numbers Begin? (Young Math Books) Sitomer, Mindel&Harry/ History of numbers Young Math book

Number Families Srivastava, Jane Jonas/Ehlert, Lois1979 Number series

Number Ideas Through Pictures (Young Math Books) Charosh, Mannis1974 Odd/even,square/triangular numbers

Odds and Chances for Kids: A Look at Probability Riedel, Manfred 1979 Probability, history, stories. Much is in storytelling form

Statistics (Young Math Books), Jane Jonas 1973   Excellent intro to statistics for younger

Straight Lines, Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines Charosh, Mannis 1970 Geometry activities

This is 4: The Idea of a Number (Exploring Mathematics) Razzell & Watts, 1964, relationships with “4”

Yes--No, Stop--Go: Some Patterns in Mathematical Logic (Young Math Books) Gersting, Judith & Kuczkowski 1977 Patterns and logic.

Shadow Geometry (Young Math Books) by Daphne Harwood Trivett

Fun With Roman Numerals by David A. Adler

Lines, Segments, Polygons by Mindel and Harry Sitomer

Odds and Evens by Thomas C. O'Brien

666 Jellybeans! All That? An Introduction to Algebra by Malcolm E. Weiss

Angles Are Easy As Pie (Youth Math Books) by Robert Froman

Area by Jane Jonas Srivastava

Averages (A Young Math Book) by Jane Jonas Srivastava

Bigger and Smaller (Young Math) by Robert Froman

Binary Numbers (Young Math Books) by Clyde Watson

Building Tables on Tables: A Book about Multiplication (Young Math) by John V. Trivett

Circles (Young Math) by Mindel and Harry Sitomer

Computers by Jane Jonas Srivastava

Exploring Triangles: Paper-Folding Geometry by Jo Phillips

Fractions are parts of things, (Young math books) by J. Richard Dennis

A Game Of Functions by Robert Froman

Graph Games, (Young Math Books) by Frédérique and Papy

The Greatest Guessing Game: A Book About Dividing (Young Math Books) by Robert Froman

How Little and How Much : A Book About Scales by Franklyn M. Branley

Less Than Nothing Is Really Something (Young Math Book) by Robert Froman

Long, short, high, low, thin, wide, (A Young math book) by James T. Fey

Maps, Tracks, and the Bridges of Konigsberg: A Book About Networks (Young Math Books) by Michael Holt

Mathematical Games for One or Two. by Mannis Charosh

Measure With Metric (Young Math Books) by Franklyn M. Branley

Probability (Young math books) by Charles F. Linn

Right angles; paper-folding geometry (Young math books) by Jo Phillips

Rubber Bands, Baseballs and Doughnuts; A Book About Topology: A Book About Topology (Young Math Books) by Robert Froman

Solomon Grundy, Born on One Day: A Finite Arithmetic Puzzle (Young Math Books) by Malcolm E. Weiss

Spirals (Young math books) by Mindel and Harry Sitomer

Statistics (Young Math Books) by Jane Jonas Srivastava

Venn Diagrams (A Young Math Book) by Robert Froman

Weighing & Balancing (A Young Math Book) by Jane Jonas Srivastava

What Is Symmetry? (Young Math) by Mindel and Harry Sitomer

Zero is Not Nothing by Mindel and Harry Sitomer