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Board, Card and Dice Games for Learning Math, Logic and Strategy

Don't see a favorite game of yours listed here? Send me your suggestion

Math Game Books

Family Math A Classic, there is a Middle School Version as well

Games for Math by Peggy Kaye

Number Jugglers and Fraction Jugglers, Bell, Ruth Alexander

Claudia Zaslavsky wrote outstanding games books that emphasize historical context, try: 

  Tic Tac Toe: And Other Three-In-A Row Games from Ancient Egypt to the Modern Computer,   

  Math Games & Activities from Around the WorldNumber Sense and Nonsense,   

  Africa Counts: Number and Pattern in African Culture

  Math Games & Activities from Around the World

Rods, Rods, Rods - Planet Dexter - out of print, but very good if you can find it

Ready, Set, Count, Barron, Marlene (Montessori style resource) 

Math Wizardry for Kids by Margaret Kenda, et al

Dominoes (Games Around The World) Marbles (Games Around the World) 

How Math Works by Carol Vorderman

Let’s Play Math, Holt, Michael/Dienes, Zoltan

Books by Marilyn Burns have lots of ideas for dice and card games.

Books about Teaching Mathematics in general found here

Chance and probability games

Greedy (Dice game) Posting on the game
Yahtzee! Probability and odds
Number Zones: The Game of Probability and Chance
Rack-O (sequencing, greater and less than concepts, probability)

Graphs and Grids: 

Doubles Wild (strategy) I got this from RainbowResource

Battleship – (then do on paper in the car….making it more abstract)
Geoboards (see posting)
Bingo – prep for graphs – numbers and letters
Blink fast paced card game

Connect Four simple, plays quickly, wide age range

Othello classic strategy game

Sequence combo card and board game, strategy

Lots of other games uncategorized:

SET: Game of Visual Perception     Online version

Doubles Wild (strategy) I got this from RainbowResource

Mummy Rummy  logic, strategy, sets

Rush Hour Traffic Jam Puzzle 


Mancala is math, just ask Marilyn Burns


Clue (logic)

Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage and Tic Tac Toe are strategy classics

Labyrinth (card game)

Fill or Bust


Mastermind and  Mastermind for Kids

Mille Borne

Dutch Blitz build sequences 1 to 10 in their own suits

Five Crowns somewhat like rummy, neat game

Try to get the Hoyle Anthology! a huge book of rules to every card game ever invented, --or do your own online searches)

Jigsaw puzzles – spatial relationships, patterns, logic

Toy Spectrum German puzzles

Muggins! Analytical Aerobics for the Mind

Many versions of classic games, see links

Western Domino Games

Domineering Domino Games

Domino Backgammon

Domino Graphs (looks like a LOT of fun!)

Tic Tac To Domino

Five Up a member of the Fives Family Games

Tri-Ominoes is a purchased game


Card Games

Mythmatical Battles multiplication and mythology combined card games

Right Start card games  


Board Games

Sum Swamp (+, -) Something about this one stands out, all my kids played hrs, try  RainbowResource

Chutes and Ladders

Dino Math Tracks three games for place value and word equations

Smath like Scrabble, make equations instead of words

Over and Out Game – Addition and subtraction game

Yahtzee! – Multiplication, Addition

Pie in the Sky (Fractions and division)

31 or Scat (card game) 

24 Game there are various versions and difficulty 

Frog Juice--addition drill but really fun one family's most favorite game ever

Maya Madness--subtraction and negative integers

Cuisenaire Discovery Guide 

The Uncle Wiggly Game

All-Star Math Game: + / - Multiplication/Division

Quick Pix Addition


Pass the Pigs, Uno, Crazy 8's, Sorry, Aggravation, Go Fishvariations of War and many other old favorites come up frequently

Cluefinder Adventures - There are many levels, most have been greatly enjoyed

Road Adventures by The Learning Company

Math for the Real World


The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis and other Zoombinis games

Magimixer, 24 game, Ceasar and Cleopatra (takes longer to play), Traffic Jam


Civilization (I, II & III), Master of Orion II, and Rise of Nations

Dr. Brain series, The Incredible Machine series and Sim City.

The Game of LifePayday

Monopoly and Monopoly Junior

Presto Change-O board game around making change

Allowance: A Consumer Math Game

Let's Go Shopping!

Pit game based on stock market bidding

Do-it-yourself Games

Math Tag: (Thank you Kay) Just like freeze tag but Mom is always it.  Best to do on a play structure not an empty field.  When you tag the child you give them a math problem and they are frozen until they answer it correctly. 

Mathematical Kick/Punch Ball

Boxed Ball Throw

Hopping Equations


Math TagVariations (one family loved this)

EuroRails game based on euros and building

Settlers of Catan Board Game - There is a family of these games, stated for 12 and up

Money Quizmo
Mr. Money BagsLooney Labs unusual games, we love Flux, Super Nova, Chrononauts and Fictionary

MayFair Games  HUGE Game seller site

Turn Off the TV LMF member reports this has a great resource list and newsletter