Algebra 2 (Honors) / PreCalculus

Class Payment Terms:

Payment is due at the beginning of each semester, but may be paid in monthly or quarterly payments as arranged with instructor. 


Family: There is a 10% per semester discount for siblings within a family. 

Pastoral: Families of ordained pastors in active ministry receive a 25% discount.

In-class assistance: There are one or two places in each class for in-class assistance for a tuition discount. If these positions are not already spoken for, contact to see what may be availalble.

Scholarships:  For the 2017-2018 school year, there may be scholarship assistance available. This is a true scholarship, in that the student must demonstrate a strong work ethic and dedication to their own personal learning to qualify. 

If you have the ability to donate to a scholarship for a family with an eligible student, please consider contributing to a scholarship for another family during the school year. Contact Julie Brennan for additional information.


I reserve some tutoring time for students in my classes, or for students who are preparing to enter a class next year. Tutoring for math class families is $35 an hour, or $30 an hour for six or more tutoring sessions as a package. This pricing does not apply to tutoring outside of the math class family group.