Pre-algebra Track 2 (2 years)

Full, wait list starting. Fridays 11:45 am - 1:15 pm. beginning August 31, 2018
Classes held in the Allied Gardens/Grantville area of San Diego.

NEW Track 2: Young math motivated students who are not in a rush for pre-high school level structure, allowing for two years to cover Prealgebra content. This class would move slower, have less structure and homework, and include more discovery-oriented project based math than Track 1.

Year 1 Curriculum: Core ML Middle School Math Course 2 supplemented with Ed Zaccaro's Upper Elementary Challenge Math, Beast Academy 5A, and Hands on Equations.  

Year 2 Curriculum: AoPS Prealgebra with supplemental resources provided. 

This course teaches what I wish all my Algebra I students and beyond had learned before beginning the high school course sequence. While AoPS is often thought of as a gifted student resource, with adequate scaffolding, selective use of problems without having to do everything and mentoring in problem solving techniques, more typical students have had success using this over a more traditional, repetitive and predictable skills-based Prealgebra text. 

Track 2 Pre-requisite: Proficiency with basic arithmetic concepts. Ask the instructor if in doubt. 

The emphasis of this class will not only be on typical Pre-Algebra concepts, but on developing a problem-solving approach to math in general.

Math history and recreational math (yes, there is such a thing) puzzles and activities will be a weekly feature of the class. At least three independent study day assignments will need to be completed weekly for students to be prepared for class activities.

Minimum of 6 students, maximum 12

Tuition: $300 per semester. One time material/curriculum cost $35. 

See Class Overview for more information on class structure, instructor, etc. 

Parent Assist: Vikki G.

Class Roster:

  1. Nathan S.

  2. Chase M.

  3. Jordan H.

  4. Adah G.

  5. Anna G.

  6. Jackie P.

  7. Joe F.

  8. Enoch F

  9. Timothy C.

Contact Julie Brennan for additional information