Pre-algebra Track 2 (2 years)

Fall Schedule:  Fridays, tentatively 11:45 am - 1:15 pm. 
Classes are held in the Allied Gardens/Grantville area of San Diego.

NEW Track 2: Young math motivated students who are not in a rush for pre-high school level structure, allowing for two years to cover the core Prealgebra content. This class would move slower, have less structure and homework, and include more discovery-oriented project based math than Track 1. Curriculum: AoPS Beast Academy 5 and/or Ed Zaccaro's Challenge Math for Year 1 transitioning to AoPS Prealgebra in Year 2. 

This class teaches what I wish all my Algebra I students and beyond had learned before beginning the high school course sequence. While AoPS is often thought of as a gifted student resource, with adequate scaffolding, selective use of problems without having to do everything and mentoring in problem solving techniques, more typical students have had success using this over a more traditional, repetitive and predictable skills-based Prealgebra text. 

Track 2 Pre-requisite: Proficiency with basic arithmetic concepts. Ask the instructor if in doubt. 

The emphasis of this class will not only be on typical Pre-Algebra concepts, but on developing a problem-solving approach to math in general.

Math history and recreational math (yes, there is such a thing) puzzles and activities will be a weekly feature of the class. At least three independent study day assignments will need to be completed weekly for students to be prepared for class activities.

Minimum of 6 students, maximum 12

Tuition: $275 per semester

Please see Class Overview for more information on class structure, instructor, etc. 

Confirmed / Reserved spots:

  1. Nathan S. 
  2. Chase M.
  3. Jordan H.
  4. Adah G.
  5. Anna G.
  6. Jackie P.
  7. Savannah J.
  8. Emma B.
  9. Tatum L.
  10. Swayzie L.

Contact Julie Brennan for additional information.