Mighty Archimedes

About 287 BC to 212 BC in Syracuse, Italy


Biographical info  http://www-gap.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Mathematicians/Archimedes.html

Glimpses of Genius Article   http://www.sciencenews.org/articles/20040515/bob9.asp

Archimedes Links   http://www.mcs.drexel.edu/~crorres/Archimedes/contents.html 

Biography written for approximately upper elementary included in AIMS preview of Historical Connections in Mathematics: http://wwws.aimsedu.org/previews/bkprev/HistConn1.html  Note that Pythagoras is at the beginning of the file, scroll down to the Archimedes section

"Eureka, Eureka. I have found [it].."

"Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth."  On the lever in Pappus Synagoge

"Do not disturb my circles!" Last words.
Sometimes reported as: "Soldier, stand away from my diagram."

Activities and problem solving from Historical Connections in Mathematics (click on the preview from AIMS site) - Note the Pythagoras materials are at the beginning of the file, scroll down to the Archimedes section

Pi Pages
Archimedes' Method of Exhaustion  http://personal.bgsu.edu/~carother/pi/Pi3a.html

Nova & Archimedes   http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/archimedes/pi.html
The Value of Pi http://mathforum.org/isaac/problems/pi1.html
The Pi Pages   http://www.cecm.sfu.ca/pi/pi.html
Artistic Pi   http://www.cecm.sfu.ca/pi/pideyves.gif

Buffon's Needle (Pi & Probability)   http://www.mste.uiuc.edu/reese/buffon/buffon.html

Archimedes and Large Numbers

Archimedes & Large Numbers  http://mooni.fccj.org/~ethall/archmede/archmede.htm
Sand and Corn Counting   http://www.mlahanas.de/Greeks/ArchimedesSand.htm

The Works of Archimedes online (pdf)  http://www.brainfly.net/html/archimed.htm

Archimedes Science Activities

Archimedes Principle Density / Buoyancy www.math.wichita.edu/history/activities/science-act.html#arc-pr
Foilboat Density Activity   http://www.usoe.k12.ut.us/curr/science/sciber00/8th/forces/sciber/foilboat.htm
Levers   http://www.scienceyear.com/under11s/index.html?page=/under11s/levers/

Archimedes Screw/Hydrostatics  www.tiscali.co.uk/reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0016326.html

Other Classical References to Mathematics

Plato's Meno   http://plato.thefreelibrary.com/Meno/2-1-2

Aristophanes The Birds   http://classics.mit.edu/Aristophanes/birds.html