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Cindy from the LivingMathForum:  

I've been using Math on the Level for the past year, and I couldn't ask for a better fit for our family. I use it as our core math resource rather than as a supplement, although I've certainly heard of others that supplement with it. Math on the Level seems to dovetail nicely with just about any resource people would want to use because it's a very open-ended program. I like the way it explains the math concepts and offers multiple ways of teaching them, often making use of real life to make math meaningful and increase retention.

My favorite things about Math on the Level -- it has really helped my kids understand math at a much deeper level. We have many conversations about math, with discussion back and forth. This has helped me truly understand what it is my kids are getting and what elements they find confusing or unclear. It helps me give them what they need. Through this program, I've been able to step away from the prepared textbooks with the limited ways they show for a given concept and has allowed me to stretch a concept in different ways until it makes sense to them. I feel like I'm crawling off a badly-functioning treadmill and stepping into enlightenment with my kids.

My kids have thrived since I switched to Math on the Level. My 9yo has gone from shedding tears over math a year ago to finding math problems of her own in life constantly and solving them for the pleasure of it. My 5yo in the past year has gone from basic counting and simple addition of single-digit, small values a year ago to all of these abilities: * addition of multidigit numbers into the millions with carrying * subtraction with borrowing of multidigit numbers, including borrowing * conceptual understanding of multiplication and skip-counting * conceptual understanding of division, working out problems with manipulatives including remainders * addition of fractions with common denominators * squaring numbers (and understanding what that means) * understanding median values and when they might be used * classification of triangles and angles * usage of bar and pie graphs * conceptual idea of percentages Math on the Level has helped me offer my girls a strong foundation in mathematical thinking and understanding.

Are you aware of the Math on the Level yahoo group? It's a forum that includes the author, families that use the program, and those who have questions about it. It's a great resource to hear about the many ways that people use this program and to get answers for your questions. Also, I don't know if you're aware, but Math on the Level has a 60-day money-back guarantee and has been offering free shipping during the summer. Also, here's a webinar that you may find useful. It's called "Level With Me About Math -- Can I Really Teach It?". It's a free seminar that was offered by the author of the program. It talks about some of the issues with conventional math teaching and describes some of the approach behind Math on the Level. http://homeschoolblogger.com/webinar/level-with-me-about-math%E2%80%93can-i-really-teach-it/

Good luck in your research. :)

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