We have used Times Tales with great success. My son is dyslexic and has memory issues. I tried Times Tales as a last resort and thank God I did. He actually caught on in less than 1 hour. It was also an inexpensive tool and designed by a homeschool mom, which means you just open the box and run with it.
All that said, I'm sure their may be others out there who didn't experience the same level of success that we did. If your dd doesn't have problems memorizing, then you may not need another "tool", even if it isn't expensive.


This program is great for helping with memorizing the upper times tables.  It does not explain concepts at all; it is just a great way to help kids remember the times tables.


My son used Times Tales.  It's a bit expensive unless you plan on using them with lots of kids, but if you'er creative you might be able tocome up with some of your own.   They use stories and pictures to  teach the times tables from 6's to 9's.  My son got them very quickly but, I think we need to review them again.  Anyway, you can look at the website and see what you think.  My son is very story oriented and used them at 11 years old. Marsha


I have this program, and gave it a brief try. The one hour claim I think would be spread out over days, not one hour at one shot, and I think it would take more practice to make it really stick.

The stories run like this: "Mr. and Mrs. Snowman (those are 8's) eat
6 snowcones 4 times a day." That's for 8 x 8 = 64. And it comes with pictures to illustrate the story.

I'm sure it works just fine for many people, and that's great. But, personally, this method doesn't really appeal to me.  I don't feel the need for it. I'd rather my kids learn their "facts" through games or in context use, than to spend time teaching stories that have no real meaning.


My daughter really wanted to memorize her mult facts so we purchased Times Tales after trying everything else we could think of.  It worked very well for her because she could totally picture the stories in her head.  I could not figure out how it was easier.  It seemed so much more difficult to me to remember a crazy story.but it worked for her.  She was so empowered.  As of now, two years later, she still feels the need to review the stories every once in a while but they come back to her quickly.  Although it doesn't teach any of the "why" like skip counting or how multiplying can be a short cut for addition (it strictly trains a person to memorize) I was amazed with how the method worked for her. 


Our version of Times Tales only covered 6x6 through 9x9 - so we missed that weird sick queen story.

We used Times Tales with great success.  Our regular math program is Math-U-See.  It can be kind of boring.  This was just what we needed to spice things up.  It worked as promised.  My dd had all the facts from 6x6 to 9x9 memorized in about an hour.  We used this program 3 years ago and to this day if she gets stuck on a multiplication fact, she needs only to remember the characters and the answer pops in her head. 

It won't teach them what they are doing - that multiplication is fast addition.  This program is strictly for rote memorization.

It worked for us!


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