This is not a full math program, but a supplement for families wanting to work on math facts.

Addition the Fun Way: Elementary, Storybook format, Workbook, Audio (storybook on tape, great for in the car).  No manipulatives, basically each number is a character in the story so I guess they are the manipulatives, LOL.  
Style of materials:  The storybook, very colorful, each chapter is for a number, 1, 2, 3's, 4's etc.,  Each chapter either has a rule or trick or a story that the child reads.  By remembering the story and the picture he remembers the rule/fact.  The cool thing is after the addition facts have been memorized you remove a character from each story to do subtraction!

Multiplication the Fun Way: Same format except the CD is Music songs for each fact (different than the storybook) also there is a magnetic storyboard with all the characters available as well.  Great for the fridge too.

I used Math U See first but found that Joshua was still having trouble memorizing the math facts, Addition the Fun Way was great for that!   The workbooks are FUN!  Something different on every page and they are THE only workbook Joshua has EVER been willing to do!  You don't have to do the workbook just the storybook would be a great tool as well.  Teachers book is available I purchased it but never used it.  I LOVED the audio tape for in the car, Josh ASKED to listen to it and he would bring the book along!   
I've also used the storybooks as reference, if Josh can't remember a fact he looks it up in the storybook but usually he remembers as soon as he starts flipping through.

Oh both have flashcards but I never used them, we basically read the story, did the workbook, listened to the audio.  VERY helpful for those having a hard time memorization math facts.  Times Tales is similar but only black and white so if your child finds color distracting I would recommend that program instead.
Lori D.