Posted by Krista:  Our family has used Christ Centred Curriculum's Math: levels A&B for primary math.  It is for 4yo til Grade 1.  I find that my dc are farther ahead with this program because it does provide a strong foundational base in numbers, adding, subtracting (even with double digits), place value, money, time and greater/lesser than.  It relies heavily on the number line and each number 1-10 is a different animal family with a specific character trait that is also emphasized in the lessons. 

The teacher's manual has many drills, games and begins with a Bible lesson* (*we didn't do them at math time) and each workpage has scripture and a moral lesson along with instructions to fill the page. You can pace it as you wish.

I found that while I agreed with the scriptural truths and did discuss them at times, at other times they were quite cumbersome and I skipped over them. We never finished the workbooks before Grade 2, as we did Saxon K, 1 and 2 along with it, as it was more activity based. They were a good balance for each other and by Grade 3, my sons had a solid foundation.

The CCC manuals and workpages are a different approach and take some getting used to and they do heavily rely on biblical teaching but we were satisfied with the results. The workbooks are just plain black & white and we found that a lot less distracting for my sons then the more colourful workbooks out there.  A natural progression for CCC is Professor B, but we found that we were happy with Saxon and have been doing it ever since, along with the DIVE cds