Order Info

1) Send payment via Paypal to julie@livingmath.net

Note in the comment section which unit and level you are purchasing, for example, “Unit 1, Primary Level”

2) If you prefer or cannot make Paypal payments, you can mail a check to:

Julie Brennan

P. O. Box 601731

San Diego, CA 92160

Simply email julie@livingmath.net with the unit and level you would like to receive download information upon sending payment. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE OF THE US and cannot use either of these options, Contact me

Living Math History Lesson Plans are $20 per single level of each unit, or $40 for a family wishing to use all four levels of one Unit.

A package price of single level $75 / family level $150 will be available if purchasing all four units of the cycle once (a discount will be provided for those purchasing Unit 4 who have already purchased the first three units prior to Unit 4 release)

In Co-ops or group use: In a setting where a parent or teacher is using one set of plans and is only printing handouts for distribution to a class, the cost is one set of plans plus $5 per group participant.

Contact Julie if you have questions, or for pricing arrangements if the intent is to share the entire set of lesson plans among multiple families