Cycle 1 Outline

Living Math History: Cycle 1 Outline 

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Unit 1: Ancients and World Cultures

Lesson 1: Math is Everywhere!

Lesson 2: Ancient Roots of Mathematics in Africa and Mesopotamia

Lesson 3: Ancient Roots of Mathematics in Asia

Lesson 4: Ancient Roots of Mathematics in the Americas

Lesson 5: Thales and
the Egyptians

Lesson 6: Pythagoras
and the Early Greeks

Lesson 7: Archimedes Part 1

Lesson 8: Archimedes Part 2
and Eratosthenes






Unit 2: The Alexandrians and Medieval Math

Lesson 9: The Alexandrians: Heron, Ptolemy, Diophantus, Hypatia

Lesson 10: The Arabs and Algebra: Al-Kwarizmi

Lesson 11: The Indians and Zero: Aryabhata I and Brahmagupta

Lesson 12: The Translators of the Dark Ages and Ockams's Razor

Lesson 13: Fibonacci: Math in Nature

Lesson 14: DaVinci: Math in Art

Lesson 15: Simon Stevin and
Decimal notation

Lesson 16: John Napier



Unit 3: Renaissance to Enlightenment

Lesson 17: Astronomers:

Lesson 18: Astronomers: Kepler

Lesson 19: Astronomers: Galileo

Lesson 20: Galileo’s Physics

Lesson 21: Pascal: Philosophy meets Number Theory

Lesson 22: Isaac Newton
and the new Calculus

Lesson 23: Newton's Physics

Lesson 24: The Unruly Bernoullis


Unit 4: The Modern Age of Mathematics

Lesson 25: Harrison and
Bowditch, Navigational Mathematics

Lesson 26: Leonard Euler,
Model Mathematician

Lesson 27:
Joseph Lagrange:  Measurement Goes Metric

Lesson 28:
Sophie Germain and Monsieur LeBlanc

Lesson 29:
Carl Frederick Gauss, Prince of Mathematicians

Lesson 30:
Evariste Galois: Revolutionary Mathematics

Lesson 31:
Emmy Noether, Grace Hopper:  Women in mathematics

Lesson 32: Srinivasa Ramanujan, Unschooled Mathematician





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