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July 2010:

New article posted, Parent Self Education Inspiration

All Reader Lists updated - new books added to all lists.

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Home Page Header  5/5/2014
"Beauty in mathematics is seeing the truth without effort." -George Polya Support This Site
Site Dedication  5/5/2014
On Topic E-List - The Living Math Forum: Dedicated s...
P.A.M. Game - multi-level home-made board game  10/20/2013
P.A.M. Game (idea from Robert Froman's book, "Less than Nothing is Really Something") Basic game ru...
There are two ways to order Living Math Lesson Plans  9/2/2013
1) Send payment via Paypal to Note in the comment section which unit and level...
Living Math History: Cyle 2 Outline  9/2/2013
Living Math History: Cycle 1 Outline PRINTABLE BOOKLISTS are on this page .
Statistics Resources  11/27/2012

Statistics Class Links  11/27/2012
Statistics Class Activity Links: Statistics: Decisions Through Data, Unit 1
Resources for Co-ops and Group Learning The following pages are for cooperative activities I organi...
Logic and Strategy Games  11/27/2012
Blink fast paced card game Connect Four simple, plays quickly, wide age range Othello classic strat...
Computer Software  11/27/2012
Cluefinder Adventures - There are many levels, most have been greatly enjoyed Road Adventures by Th...
Probability and Chance  11/27/2012
Chance and probability Greedy (Dice game) Posting on the game Yahtzee! Probability and odds Number ...
Math Fact Games  11/27/2012
Sum Swamp (+, -) Something about this one stands out, all my kids played hrs, try RainbowResource C...
Books for Games  11/27/2012
Family Math A Classic, there is a Middle School Version as well Games for Math by Peggy Kaye Number...
Amazon  9/17/2012

Living Math History Lesson Plans - Summary Information  9/12/2012
Living Math ® History Lesson Plans are for use by families, individuals or co-ops / groups on a sel...
Books used throughout Cycle 2:  9/12/2012

Also: an appropriate atlas
for the level of your child/student • Readaloud younger
or read alone:
Advanced Readers in Intermed thru HS

(Birth of Mathematics is HS+ level) •
Text/HTML  9/12/2012
Living Math History Cycle 1 Unit 2 Book Lists Alexandrians (Late Classical) through the Renaissance...
Cycle 1 Quarter 3 Book Lists
Late Classical, Medieval and Early Renaissance: Books Recommended to Buy (used throughout multiple lessons)  9/12/2012
ONE or more of the following history spines:

Younger spines left, or for more mature readers:
Advanced - some Intermed readers can enjoy

Add Number Devil as a Readaloud
if you wish for more reading. •
Intermed Reading scheduled
from core readers.

(Hypatia of Alexandria and
Manual of Greek Mathematics is college level) •

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