I cannot recommend Julie as a teacher enough! My 17 year old son has taken 5 math classes, 4 years of Latin, AP Statistics  and AP Physics with her. Julie doesn’t just teach the subject she is teaching, she lives it and knows it inside out. She understands the material in a way that she can communicate it with great knowledge and passion. Julie also is willing to help meet the needs of her students. She recognizes when students are not understanding, and takes time to help them out. She is aware of what is happening with her students and how they interact with the material she is presenting to them. She cares very much about what she is doing and the students she is working with. She understands learning is about the material, and also a student's ability to take a test and have good study habits. My son has blossomed as a fine academic student under her care.

~Barbara Mulvany


My son began taking geometry with Julie this year.  I have been very impressed at her ability to teach and engage the students, her organization, her enthusiasm, and her rapport with the kids.  I love that Julie understands and appreciates homeschooling.  The course is academic, and he has learned a great deal about geometry.  He will definitely be taking math again with Julie next year!

~Jill Keltner, parent and a teacher at the Home Learning Community at Innovations Academy