This class will NOT be offered during the 2017-18 school year due to schedule limitations. It may be offered in future years depending upon interest.


AP Statistics is essentially the same course as college-level Introductory Statistics. Content is taught over 28 weeks compared to an 18 week college semester, allowing for more time to understand the material in real life contexts. 6 weeks is reserved for AP Exam Prep. Students taking the AP Exam in May may obtain college credit. Contact if interested. 

  • Pre-requisite: Algebra 2 (advanced algebra) skills 
  • Minimum 6 students, maximum 12. 
  • Tuition $350 per semester
  • Materials: Understandable Statistics, Brase and Brase 6th Ed, Student Solutions Manual, and AP Statistics: 5 Steps to a 5 Prep book (cost is approx. $50 for all materials). A TI-83/84 series graphing calculator is required for this course.
  • Please see Class Overview for general information on class structure, instructor, etc. 

Interest list:

  1. Alyssa K.
  2. Hannlei

Ilyas possible