(1 spot open)

Fall Schedule:  Monday 1:00 - 2:45 pm. Classes held in the Allied Gardens/Grantville area of San Diego

Another class may be added if this class is full and there is enough interest to meet the minimum. Contact Julie if interested.

  • Pre-requisite: Proficiency with basic arithmetic concepts. (Pre-class placement evaluation to be posted soon. Students who are close to this level may be able to fill gaps as they go, if they are willing to work hard to so. Ask the instructor if in doubt. 
  • The emphasis of this class will not only be on typical Pre-Algebra concepts, but on developing a problem-solving approach to math in general. Math history and recreational math (yes, there is such a thing) puzzles and activities will be a weekly feature of the class. At least three independent study day assignments will need to be completed weekly for students to be prepared for class activities.
  • Minimum of 6 students, maximum 10
  • Tuition: $300 per semester. One to 2 parent admin helper discount available depending on class size.
  • Curriculum / text is TBA. 

Please see Class Overview for more information on class structure, instructor, etc. 

Confirmed / Reserved spots:

  1. Emily S.
  2. Ellie B. (Mary - Admin parent)
  3. Jake H.
  4. Dominic P.
  5. Cameron L.
  6. Mauve M.
  7. Hope S.
  8. Abigail A.
  9. Faith J.