The Perfect Math Curriculum
Is there such a thing? Members of the Living Math Forum discuss what they think.

What About Memorizing Math Facts?
Isn't it important? Absolutely, but when and how is debatable. I'll defer to Frank Smith's words to clarify.

What Does Living Math Look Like?
A snapshot of one week in our home - Kids aged 6, 8, 10-1/2 and going-on 14

"Nuts and Bolts" Ideas for Teaching Math Concepts
Charlotte Mason, Beechick, Montessori, Waldorf and many more natural learning advocates -

They all come together with ideas to teach without a curriculum, or to supplement with curriculum

Making Sense of Math Education
In one main article, many ideas home educators may consider in trying to make sense of the dizzying choices in math curriculums and methods to use

"Strewing" - Spread a Discovery Learning Buffet
What it looks like in our family's home

The Beginnings of Living Math
After telling parts of this story on email lists for years, I'm putting it all in one place

Starting Out With An Older Child
My child has already learned to hate math - is it too late to change that? And how does "reading" math work anyway? My oldest son shares his experience.

"Why Study Math History?"
How can math history help me (and/or my kids) understand and learn math?

Make it Simple
"The simplification of anything is always sensational." G.K. Chesterton.  It also makes it more understandable.

THIS is a Math Book?
How can it be a math book if there are no numbers in it? (Hint, ask your child . . .)

Influences on My Philosophy Toward Education
Books and authors that have helped us learn what learning is about

Math Story Diagramming
Samples and descriptions from one session with my kids